10505 Bainbridge St, Houston 77016

Dr. Robert L. Bailey Jr.

senior pastor

Pastor Bailey is just a RADICAL MAN with a MIC and a MESSAGE about a MASTER who works MIRACLES.  He believes God has purposed him to be a SERVANT, so he utilizes his gifts, talents, skills, and abilities to
serve others as they serve God.  Pastor Bailey operates and ministers with the motto in mind that: HE'S
NOT SENT TO RECYCLE SAINTS, BUT TO RESTORE SOULS.  To know more about the ministry of Pastor
Bailey, please visit his personal ministry site at www.restorationofpraise.org.


leading lady

Leading Lady Zahra’ has been married to Pastor Robert Bailey, Jr. since February 1, 2003 and has been
by his side in prayer, encouragement, and faithfulness. Lady Zahra's purpose is to help spiritually and
biblically guide women to their "better". She feels God has deposited inside of her, the wisdom and
words to push her sisters into knowing they are all jewels and that they are God's divine creation. She
encourages all to adapt this truth into every area of their lives.

ZAILA rainn bailey

lady baby "the promise"

The leading family

Pastor Bailey and Leading Lady Zahra’ built their church on strong faith and genuine love. They prayed for restoration and lived in faith in every aspect of their lives. The church was a place where families could come together for help, hope, and healing. Yet, despite their prayers for family ties and wholeness, they encountered a trues test of faith. God made a promise to them at the beginning of their marriage that they would birth an anointed vessel and so they waited. Their faith was on full display as they struggled to create a family, but armed with God’s word to them, they planted themselves into God’s yes and amen. After 14 years of waiting, the promise sparked to life. Zaila Rainn Bailey came into the world with an anointing and a purpose. She is the proof that God keeps His promises. The family circle was not complete until Lady Baby came along and closed it. Now, the Leading Family stands as an example of that restoration and a greater, new hope can be found if you BELIEVE.