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overseer & ministerial staff

Raphael Dutton


Minister Dutton is a gifted vessel whose Prayer is to continue to hear God’s Voice. A skilled percussionist he began playing drums at the age of 7 and with his love for music and God his gift has been shared in churches ever since. Being blessed and anointed with various Gifts such as music, mime, and acting; Minister Dutton also loves to teach and preach God’s word. He is a licensed ordained minister under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Robert Bailey Jr.  and has been sharing and spreading God’s message to the body of Christ.
Psalms 19:14
May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my redeemer.

Terence branch


I have been a member under this ministry since the inception of the former Restoration of
Praise Fellowship, and now Greater New Hope Church. I am also the Founder of Prophetically
Speaking Ministries, a personal ministry that God has entrusted within me to lead through the
direction of the Holy Ghost.

As Overseer & Assistant it is my duty to adhere to the instruction of God through our Leader Dr.
Robert L. Bailey, Jr. to make sure that the Ministries, Parishioners, and Business of the Greater
New Hope Church are Handle without any undo Stress or Pressure on our Senior Pastor.
It is my Goal, to be a Vessel to each Individual, Member, Deacon, Preacher, etc. To make sure
that the Standard in this Ministry his Held, and that is offering Help, Hope, & Healing.

tina armstrong


Tina Armstrong is a high spirited, energetic, sought after anointed vessel of God who is being used as a Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Leadership Trainer, and Helps Lead Women on how to live on purpose.  More importantly she is an OVERCOMER. She is no stranger to hardship, brokenness and despair, with circumstances thrusted upon her, Tina has battled depression, low self-esteem and rejection  but  through perseverance, determination and God, fought to Walk in Purpose!  Her life's mission is to help others effectively LIVE ON PURPOSE.

Her transparency and high energy messages help equip women for greatness. Living a life of freedom and greatness has been her most powerful struggle and reward, which is why Tina dedicates her life to seeing others go from pain to purpose, doubt to destiny and victim to victor. Because of this she founded Purpose Ministries. She is particularly passionate about helping women understand their purpose, developing a healthy sense of self-worth and esteem, empowering them to embrace life challenges as opportunities of growth and become everything that God intended for them to be.

marcus miller


I am excited to be part of a spiritually growing and spiritually moving ministry here at the Greater New Hope Church. As an Overseer and Ministry Leader(G.E.N.T.S.) it is so refreshing to see and watch our young church begin to grow and learn, as they experience God in so many different ways.

Being one of the Senior Members, I can see the growth in every Ministry, Ministry Leaders, and our worship experience.

My goal as an OverSeeing Pastor is to make sure the flow of every ministry I am over, is lining up with the Vision and Teachings of our Pastor, Dr. Robert L. Bailey, Jr.

roy malone

youth pastor

I am a person that is very passionate about young people finding out who they are in Christ, how I can encourage them and help push them, guard and guide them to where they need to be.

My motto is: "No child is left behind"

Matthew 15:16
He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

Ministers and Evangelist

harold robinson

joseph hawkins

lisa ricardo

mimi reed


dorothy york

georgia hawkins

octavia bryant

misty dawn telford


richard pearson III

sharita branch

andre pharr

kenisha malone

Shawn Pharr